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    1. SpaGuard


      SpaGuard® Spa Care Chemicals and Products

      Why Do We Offer SpaGuard?

      Our customized spa programs make spa care simple and give you soft, soothing water. What's more, you can rely on the expertise and knowledge of our SpaGuard dealers to guide you along the way and answer your questions.

      + Spa programs that make spa care simple 
      + Chlorine and Bromine Spa Care System 
      + Soft Soak® TRIO 
      + Non-Chlorine Soft Soak Spa Care System 
      + Shock to Remove Contaminants 
      + Cleaning and Problem Solvers 
      + Water Balancers 
      + Water Enhancers

      Computerized Spa Water Testing
      SpaGuard by BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized spa water analysis. Bring in a water sample from your spa today and we'll give you a complete, personalized analysis.

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    2. Soft Soak® TRIO

      Soft Soak® TRIO

      Soft Soak® TRIO - The Feel Good Spa System™

      TRIO is SIMPLE
      No measuring, no chemistry lessons - just open, pour and enjoy.

      If you're like most people, you own a spa that holds about 350-450 gallons of water. The Soft Soak TRIO system was made for spas like these; with pre-measured packets that eliminate the guesswork and let you know exactly when to add them. Three products, three months of stress-free enjoyment.

      TRIO is SOFT
      A proprietary blend of softening agents creates a noticeably better experience.

      The average spa user spends 15-30 minutes in the spa per soak. Make that time more enjoyable by soaking in water with elevated softness. The Soft Soak TRIO system creates a base level at fresh fill and then boosts the softness factor every week.

      TRIO is CLEAR
      It removes major contaminants that make water cloudy so all you’ll see is your toes.

      The weekly portion of the Soft Soak TRIO system removes the unseen, common contaminants that accumulate during hot tub use so your water stays sparkling clear and odor-free.

      The last step ensures equipment also remains clean so TRIO can help prevent conditions that might diminish your enjoyment of the spa.

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