Pools and Spa Maintenance

One of the most important parts of pool ownership is maintenace. It simply goes to say that with most things in life, without maintenance, stuff just won't last. Let the professionals at Thompson Pools maintain your pool or hot tub with cutting edge technology, amazing sanitation chemicals, and years and years of experience. Good maintenance is a great financial investment as well, as many pool owners will get much more life out of their pool with less headaches to worry about. To get more information about our pool and spa maintenance programs, please call toll free 1.800.544.1785 or locally 406.656.8511.




Water Treatment

Nothing is more important than the safety and health of your family. That's why it is important to test, measure and treat the water in your pool or spa. With a proper water treatment plan from Thompson Pools, you and your family will have peace of mind that the water in the pool is as healthy and safe as pool water can be.




Residential & Commercial Indoor Pool Construction

 Having a pool indoors is a feature that will have people excited to come to your property. Indoor pools are constructed in a similiar fashion as outdoor pools, with the main difference being dealing with humidity indoors. Indoor pools put off massive amounts of humidity in the air every day. If this humidity is not dealt with properly during the initial construction of the pool, the building structure can be compromised over time. Don't wait til it's too late to have your pool built right, call the professional pool builders at Thompson Pools toll free 1.800.544.1785 or locally 406.656.8511.


Residential & Commercial Outdoor Pool Construction


What better way to enjoy your backyard than a beautiful pool and/or hot tub? We couldn't agree more, that's why we offer creative pool designs and furnishings to fit any budget. Our swimming pool designers offer in-home estimates with pricing and custom pool plans for new construction and renovations. They can also provide you information on options for pool financing.


Custom Designed Islands & Built-In Grills

Love to entertain? Well prepare to kick that up a notch with our custom designed islands and built-in grills. Our design team will meet with you to explore all the options for your particular yard or area lay-out. Once a design and materials are chosen, we get to work building your master piece. Give our friendly design team a call today  toll free 1.800.544.1785 or locally 406.656.8511.